DX Travel Logs

I've been fortunate to have DXed from number of locations in Latin American. The main pages below include a description of the location, a link to a spreadsheet of logs, and a link to a page with MP3 recordings. While most of the logs are mine, there are also some from my DX travel companions and also from other people who have downloaded my SDR files.

These pages will be constantly updated.

The great advantage of SDRs is that you can continue to DX from a place long after you have left it. As I gradually continue to go DX these files I will add more logs, more MP3 recordings, and sometimes new comments to the main pages. It will take years to go through everything and I expect to collect more recordings in future travels. If you woud like to do some serious Latin American medium wave DXing, download some of the files and send me the logs. I'll post the logs and any MP3 files you include and give you credit.


Bariloche (March 2019) - Medium wave and Longwave NDB DXing in this beautiful Alpine region in northern Patagonia near the border with Chile. The logs and recordings are full of Chilean and Argentine stations.

Neuquen (March 2019) - All about a DXpedition into the Patagonian desert with our Argentine DX hosts.

Oberá (May 2019) - Medium wave and Longwave NDB DXing at a rural location in far northeastern Argentina. Brazilian stations dominant the band here but there are also numerous Argentine, Uruguayan, and Paraguayan stations.

Henrik Klemetz's Observations - A list with numerous offset frequencies compiled by the late Henrik Klemetz from the Bariloche, Neuquen, and Oberá.

See my SDR Recordings on Google Drive for recordings made in April 2019 in Humahuaca, just south of the Bolivian border. I haven't done any serious DXing on those yet, so there is no web page.


John Fisher did some DXing in far northern Chile at San Pedro de Atacama prior to our going to Bariloche and Neuquen. Here are his logs.


Jericó (February 2020) - Medium wave DXing outside the picturesque coffee town of Jericó, about 50 kilometers southwest of Medellín. Colombian stations were very dominant here, however, this site also had the best reception of USA stations of any of these locations.

The Eje Cafetero (January 2020 and earlier) - Colombia's central 'coffee region' includes the three small departments of Quindio, Pereira, and Caldas. I've visited the area in 2016, 2018, and 2020 and have DXed from several locations.


Boquete (November 2019) - Five days of MW DXing at a rural location in western Panama, not far from the Costa Rican border. While Colombian stations dominate, there was a lot of DX from Central America, down into Peru, and even some interesting Trans-Atlantic DX. The highlight was South Korea on 1566 kHz. Also included here are some MP3 files made elsewhere in Panama in February 2020.


Tarapoto (November/December 2017) - While in the Tarapoto area of northeastern Peru I made SDR recordings in Lamas, Tarapoto, and Sauce.

See my SDR Recordings on Google Drive for a selection of additional recordings made in San Ramón in central Peru (April 2017), and Huanachaco, on the north coast by the city of Trujillo (May 2017).

DX Photos From Peru has a number of pictures I took of Peruvian radio stations in 2017-2018.


See my SDR Recordings on Google Drive for a selection of SDR recordings made in Loja, in southern Ecuador, in December 2017.

Antique Logs

Here are some logs I made during earlier trips.

Venezuela (December 1994 to January 1995) - Medium wave logs made at several locations in western Venezuela.

Ecuador (MW) 1997 - Medium wave loggings made in Cuenca, Guayaquil, and Quito in October and November 1997.

Ecuador (SW) 1997 - Shortwave loggings made in Cuenca, Guayaquil, and Quito in October and November 1997.

Mexico (2001) - Medium wave loggings made in Guadalajara, Mexico in November 2001.

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