DX Photos From Peru

Between October 2017 and May 2018 I fulfilled a dream of mine and spent almost eight months traveling through Colombia, Ecuador, and central and northern Peru. I visited some new places and revisited some that I had been to on my first long South American journey in 1985. And along the way I visited some radio stations and did some DXing. These pages - which you can select in the menu to the left - contain photos, information, and other media from that trip.

My main goal for the trip, other than just to travel, was to research and write a book about northern Peru (the part which is usually forgotten by tourists). Following Ghosts in Northern Peru is an historical travelogue that interweaves the stories of historical travelers, some Peruvian history, and my own experiences in following the old trails across northern Peru in 2017.

My book is not a DX book, but it is a book inspired by DXing. The small radio stations of the Andes were always my favorite targets back in the days when the tropical bands were filled with stations. Traveling through northern Peru was my way of revisiting those days and I hope that reading my book will help you revisit those days as well. And, although radio isn't the book's theme, Peruvian radio history, DXing, and several radio station visits do work there way into the story. About five percent of book is radio related. And if you get the book and enjoy it, please be sure to leave a review, even if it's just a sentence a two.

Article on Radio Tarma

An article and pictorial about my visit to Radio Tarma was published on the SWL Blog. The article has a lot more detail about my visit but it only includes some of the photos found here.

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