Other DX Photos From Peru

Some miscellanous DX related photos from my visits to Peru in 2017 and 2018. Click on any photo to enlarge it and then use the arrows to scroll through all the photos for this section. Other locations may be selected from the menu on the left. Links are provided for large versions of several photos for personal use only.

La Voz de Oxapampa

Broadcasting on 3260 kHz, La Voz de Oxapampa was never an easy catch in either North America or Europe. My only logging of it was made while visiting Peru in 1985, but I received a very nice QSL letter for it from owner-manager Pascual Villafranca Guzman, whom I got to meet a third of a century later!

La Voz de Oxapampa studio entrance (1 MB)
La Voz de Oxapampa second entrance (1.2 MB
La Voz de Oxapampa and Pascual Villafranca Guzman (1 MB)

Miscellanous Stations

The anonymous station (2.5 MB)

Other DX related photos

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