A Quick and Simple Listing of What's Here

General Interest

Following Ghosts in Northern Peru - This is the top page for the web pages about my book. This includes all the photographs connected with the book - and links to where you can buy it as either a print book or a Kindle ebook.

Colombia 2016 - Photo-blog from my 2016 trip to Colombia

South America 2019 - An upcoming set of pages about my travels through Southern South America

Radio Hobby

DX Photos From Peru - Radio hobby related photos and other information from my 2017-2018 travels in Peru.

Latin American Utility DX Photos - For radio hobbyists who monitor air and sea communications.

Link to Google Drive Folder with sample SDR recordings made around South America.

Colombia 2016 - Some DX loggings and photos from my 2016 trip to Colombia

Old Latin American Radio Photos - Radio Photos from my travels in the 1980s and 1990s

Patepluma Radio - My original radio website. The content will be migrated to DonMooreDXer one of these days ...

BlanDX - The humor site for radio hobbyists.


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