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These photos were all taken during my 1985 visits to Peru. For background on Bolivian radio see the Peru Menu at Patepluma Radio.

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Radio Ilucan, Cutervo

In the 1980s and into the early 1990s, Radio Ilucan was commonly heard on 5617 kHz shortwave. Listeing in Honduras, I discovered the station and first reported it to the hobby press. Here is a recording I made in Honduras: Radio Ilucan MP3

Me (left) with staff members.
4336 x 6400 pixel version (4.4 MB)

2976 x 4512 pixel version (0.9 MB)

This Google Street View Link shows a more current view of Radio Ilucan. Today the main entrance is on the corner. During my visit it was the door further down on the right.

La Voz de Cutervo

La Voz de Cutervo was on shortwave for several years in the mid-1980s. It was the feature of my article on broadcasting in Cutervo in the 1989 Passport to World Band Radio.

4320 x 6416 pixel version (4.6 MB)

L to R: Secretary, manager's wife, manager Julio Cesar Sanchez, Theresa.
4432 x 6752 pixel version (2.1 MB)

This Google Street View Link shows the street now. The station was located in what's now a shoe store with a closed red door. The next building down (the green one) has the metal balcony shown in the pictures. All the other balconies on the street are wood.

Radio Chota, Chota

Radio Chota was well heard for many years in the 1980s on 6296 kHz. They were not as easily heard after they switched to 4890 kHz. Radio Chota was the first radio station in their town and, although no longer on SW, they continue to broadcast on MW, FM, and via the Internet. They sometimes broadcast live videos on the Radio Chota Facebook Page.

4320 x 6416 pixel version (4.2 MB)

Unidentified staff members (March 1985) 2216 x 3384 pixel version (0.8 MB)

Radio Bambamarca

On the plaza in Bambamarca.

6400 x 4336 pixel version (4.8 MB)

Radio Cajamarca

Just off the plaza

6416 x 4352 pixel version (4 MB)

Radio Continental, Arequipa

Major TV/Radio station in Arequipa

Radio San Juan de Chota

This station was on the air for a few months. They were off the air when I visited in March, 1985 and never came back after that. So I doubt there was ever a permanent sign.

4336 x 6400 pixel version (5 MB)

4464 x 6576 pixel version (2.6 MB)

Radio Ancash, Huaraz

Radio Ancash was widely heard on 4990 kHz in the 1980s and early 1990s.

4352 x 6416 pixel version (5 MB)

4416 x 6768 pixel version (2.3 MB)

Radio Acunta, Chota

Another short-lived broadcaster in Chota. They lasted long enough to get a professional sign.

4336 x 6400 pixel version (4.1 MB)
2232 x 3328 pixel version (0.6 MB)

Radio Nuevo Continente, Cajamarca

This station was on shortwave off-and-on in the mid-1980s. The display cases had letters from overseas listeners.

3550 x 2400 pixel version (1.2 MB)

Radio Celendin

This station had a frequency in the middle of the 41 meter ham band so was not well heard by DXers.

6768 x 4320 pixel version (2.9 MB)
6768 x 4480 pixel version (2.3 MB)

Radio El Sol de los Andes, Juliaca

Unfortunately I was there during a bad time of day for pictures.

3392 x 2208 pixel version (0.6 MB)

Radio Gran Pajaten, Celendin

This station was briefly on the air on 4485 kHz around 1985. When I visited they were closed because of technical issues. I was told that the owner had gone to Lima to buy a new tube. I'm not sure if they later came back on or not, but I believe the transmitter was later sold and another station appeared on their old frequency.

4464 x 6768 pixel version (2 MB)

Radio Moderna, Celendin

Another station that I can claim to have discovered for shortwave listeners. I first heard them in June 1982. Here's a recording of that first reception.

6768 x 4464 pixel version (2.4 MB)

4464 x 6720 pixel version (2 MB)

La Voz de Altiplano, Puno

Broadcaster in Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

2232 x 3448 pixel version (0.9 MB)

Radio Tawantinsuyo, Cuzco

One of the cornerstone stations of broadcasting in Cuzco.

Ondas del Titicaca


2232 x 3240 pixel version (0.7 MB)

Radio El Sol, Lima