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Bolivia DX Photos

These photos were all taken during my June 1985 visit to Bolivia. For background on Bolivian radio see the Bolivia Menu at Patepluma Radio.

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Radio El Condor, Oruro

This station was owned by the railroad workers trade union.

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Radio San Rafael

Roman Catholic station in Cochabamba.

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Radio Panamericana, La Paz

Radio Panamericana has been one of the premier stations of La Paz for several decades. Vice-president Daniel Sanchez Rocha issued many QSLs for their former SW frequency of 6105 kHz.

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Radio Fides, La Paz

Radio Fides is a Roman Catholic broadcaster in La Paz. During the 1980 coup the army attacked the station with tanks, totally destroying it. It was later rebuilt. This clock marks forever the moment the station was attacked. See Bolivia: Radio Under The Gun for more on radio in the 1980 coup.

Radio Illimani, La Paz

This government owned national broadcaster has since been rebranded as Radio Patria Nueva. It can still be heard on 6025 kHz SW.

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Radio San Jose, Oruro

This station operated by the miners' union in Oruro was on shortwave for a few years in the early to mid 1980s. It was located in the back of the union building.

Radio Batallon Topater, Oruro

Picture of me with two staff members. The station was operated by an army batallion.

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Radio Nacional de Cochabamba

On shortwave in the early 1980s on 5975 kHz.

Radio Nacional Huanuni

Located in the mining town of Huanuni, not far from Oruro, this is one of several Bolivian stations operated by the local mine workers' union.

Radio Emisoras Bolivia, Oruro

This station was owned by the campesino (peasant) union. Formerly on 4755v shortwave.

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Radio Nueva America, La Paz

One of the premier stations of La Paz.

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La Cruz del Sur, La Paz

This Baptist station used to broadcast on 4875 kHz SW.

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DXers Meeting

My visit with Brazilian/Bolivian DXer Rogildo Fontenelle Aragao

Display at pennant printer in La Paz.

Most of these samples are for futbol teams and civic organizations. Towards the bottom there is one for Radio Altiplano. The owner wouldn't sell it to me. When I increased my offer to $40 he told me to leave.

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