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Honduras DX Photos

Most of these photos were taken when I lived in Honduras as a Peace Corps volunteer in 1982-1984. The exceptions are the Sani Radio photo and some of the HRVC photos, which were taken in a short visit to Tegucigalpa in 1990.

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Radio Luz y Vida

Photos taken during a visit to this station in 1983.

Road out to the radio station complex.

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The town of San Luis.

HRVC La Voz Evangelica

Photos taken during visits to HRVC in 1983 and 1990.

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Secretary and QSL signer Cindy Madraiga in 1990.

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DX Shacks in Honduras

I had an FRG-7 and a Radio West Ferrite loop to DX with. The top picture was my shack for my first six months in Santa Barbara when I lived at a house in town. The second picture was at a house in a village a few miles north that I lived in for a month. I made the table myself but paid to have the chairs made. In January 1983 I moved to the village of Galeras, just outside Santa Barbara. That's where I added the shelves. That was my DX shack for the next sixteen months when I moved to Comayagua and had to make another table. I never did take a picture of that shack but it looked similar.

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Some stations in Tegucigalpa. The last one is La Voz de Suyapa/Radio Catolica.

Emisoras Unidas

HRN La Voz de Honduras was the main station of the Emisoras Unidas network. There were about six or seven stations housed in the same building.

Some Honduran Shortwave Broadcasters

These stations all used shortwave at sometime between 1970 to 2000.

Radio Landia in Comayagua

Radio Progreso in El Progreso

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Tegucigalpa office in 1987 of Sani Radio. The station actually broadcast from the Mosquitia region.

More Shortwavers

El Eco de Honduras in San Pedro Sula was on shortwave briefly in 1983.

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Catholic station Radio San Isidro in La Ceiba.

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Radio Atlantida was the first radio sation in La Ceiba and used shortwave in the 1930s and 1940s.


Stations in the banana town of Olanchito.

Radio Lux in Olanchito broadcast on 4890 kHz.

Downtown Olanchito

The other station in town - Radio Olanchito.

La Voz del Junco

My hometown station in Santa Barbara on 6075 kHz.

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Santa Barbara's other station was Ondas del Ulua

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Radio Panamericana

This Tegucigalpa station used to be widely heard on medium wave on the split-frequency of 945 kHz.

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Radio in Danli

Danli is a town in eastern Honduras near the Nicaraguan border.

Radio Danli

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Radio Latina

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Radio in El Paraiso

El Paraiso is a short distance south of Danli.

Radio Guaymuras

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Radio El Paraiso

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Radio Moderna in El Progreso

Despite the station name and the name of the town, this was one of the most primitive radio stations I've visited anywhere!

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Corporacion Radio

This station in Comayagua broadcast on the off-frequency of 805 kHz during the early 1980s.

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