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Argentina DX Photos

Photos from my 1985 visit to Argentina

Click on the photo to see full size. For some photos a larger version is also available.


Radiodiffusion Argentina al Exterior

Photo of Roger Atwood and Tony Middleton of the English section in 1985.

6768 x 4432 pixel version (2.3 MB)

Don Moore with Roger Atwood

3208 x 2160 pixel version (1.1 MB)

RAE was in the same building as Radio Nacional, a huge old mansion.

The base of the Radio Nacional MW antenna in a garden at the old mansion.

Other Argetine Broadcasters

Radio Splendid in Buenos Aires used shortwave around 1980.

Radio El Mundo is another Buenos Aires station that used shortwave around 1980.

4448 x 6784 pixel version (2.2 MB)

Radio Nacional in the city of Mendoza (near the border with Chile) also used to use shortwave.

Radio America was one of the largest MW stations in Buenos Aires.

4266 x 2890 pixel version (1.8 MB)

DXers in Argentina

Don Moore with the late Gabriel Ivan Barrera.

With DXers in Rosario. Left to Right: A young lady whose name I can't recall, Don Moore, Vincent Bombardiere, Emilio Pedro Povrzenic.