Mertes Family Photos

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Also see the REMER Family Photos. That page has pictures of Anna MERTES and her children. A few of the photos include Nicholas Mertes, Teresa Mertes Fisher, and Christine Fisher.

The Mertes Family. Teresa, Nicholas, Anna, and Margaret in back. Therese and John Peter in front. Probably taken around 1900.

A slightly different pose taken at the same time.

George Henry Baust and Margaret Mary Mertes

John Peter Mertes with most of his grandchildren. (Daughter Teresa's family was in California.) He's holding Helen Remer on his lap. Based on her apparent age the picture was probably taken around 1911 or 1912.

The missing four grandchildren - Eileen, Leo, and Peter Baust and Christine Fisher - of John Peter's daughter Teresa Mertes Baust Fisher.

The three Mertes sisters as young women.

John Peter Mertes late in life.

The Mertes sisters as older women. Probably taken around 1920.

Margaret Mary Mertes and her five daughters

This tintype picture belonged to Teresa Mertes Fisher. The woman on the left looks like Marie Therese Disch Mertes (see the Mertes family picture above). The other woman is clearly related and looks older. Teresa Fisher's descendent who posted this suggested it might be Marie Therese's older sister, Christina. But Christina was only a few years older. I think maybe it is the girls' mother and that this picture was taken in France.

Brigetta Disch (sister of Marie Therese) and her husband Nicholas Mergen. Along with John Peter Mertes, Nicholas Mergen was one of the founders of the Mary Magdalene Church in Omaha.

Wedding photo for Olivia Florine Colbert and James Francis Timmins. Olivia was a daughter of Christina Disch, sister of Marie Therese Disch. There are still Timmins descendents in the Omaha area.

Therese Mertes memorial card

Marie Therese Disch birth record

Death Certificate for John Peter Mertes. This had to have been typed up from the original records years after his 1916 death. It includes a place for Social Security Number and those didn't exist until the 1930s.

Marriage License for John Peter Mertes and Therese Disch. The licensed was issues on 28 December 1868 but they weren't married until a few days later.

Note by Christine Fisher on what her mother told her about the family.


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