Recommended Websites About Peru

Some great websites to learn more about Peru after reading Following Ghosts in Northern Peru.

Northern Peru

  • Tarapoto Life Lots of interesting articles and information about visiting or living in Tarapoto.
  • Phima Voyages An eco-responsible tour company in Chachapoyas. Their Guide to Northern Peru is the most extensive list of travel information on the region that I have seen anywhere.


  • The Other Capac Nan Stories about out-of-the-way places in Peru by Brad Goodman, a former Peace Corps Volunteer.
  • The New Peruvian A great site filled with articles on a variety of topics. My favorite - Seventeen weird foods in Peru.
  • Living in Peru News, travel information, expat resources, classifieds, event calendars, and more. Probably the most complete site for visitors and expats.
  • The Peruvian Times English language news about Peru. The features section has dozens of articles on Peruvian archaeology and pre-Columbian history.

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