This is the planned intinerary of my journey through northern Peru. The first three maps - from Trujillo to Yurimaguas - are along the old Moyobamba Route, which is the focus of my book. The other maps show follow-up travel I plan to do.

PERU - October to December

Trujillo to Celendin

I fly into Lima on October 11 and expect to travel to Trujillo about October 16th. From Trujillo I'll go to the Chicama Valley for a few days, probably staying in Casa Grande or nearby Ascope. Then I'll head inland spending one or two nights each in Cascas, Contumaza, and Chilete. After Chilete there will be several days in the old city of Cajamarca and then over the mountain to Celendin.

Celendin to Moyobamba

After a couple days in Celendin, I'll travel east and cross the Maranon (Amazon) river and then spend a day in Leimebamba before continuing to Chachapoyas. I'll be in the Chachapoyas area for at least a week, including one or two nights on a sidetrip to Molinopampa. From Chachapoyas it will be a long bus ride to Rioja and then to Moyobamba.

Moyobamba to Yurimaguas

After Moyobamba, my main base will be Tarapoto. But while there I will make overnight side trips to Lamas, Yurimaguas, and Chazuta. The latter two are on the Huallaga River, another of the main branches of the Amazon.

Tarapoto to Jaen

From Tarapoto I'll head west back through Moyobamba to Jaen, where I'll spend a night or two.

Jaen to Cajamarca

From Jaen I'll travel down the spine of the Andes through Cajamarca department. I'll spend a couple days each in Cutervo, Chota, Bambamarca, and Santa Cruz. I visited the first three in 1985.

Cajamarca to the Coast

Continuing down the Andes from Cajamarca, I'll make stops in Cajabamba and Huamachuco. Then it will be back to the coast to Trujillo.

Trujillo to Ecuador

Finally I'll head north to Ecuador. If time allows I'll make a few stops along the way. If not, I'll visit the coastal locations when I return to Peru in March or April. I hope to be in Cuenca, Ecuador for Christmas.

General Map

Showing southern Ecuador and the region of Peru I'll be traveling in.

Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose.