Kuntur Wasi and San Pablo

Friday October 27

San Pablo is a small town several miles north of the Hacienda Maichil. I made an afternoon trip here on Friday.

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Kuntur Wasi

These ruins are on a hilltop not far from San Pablo. They have been dated as being over 3,000 years old, which makes them some of the oldest in Peru. So these pre-dated the Incas by about 2,300 years!

Views of the countryside from Kuntur Wasi.

Battle of San Pablo

The little town of San Pablo has one other claim to fame. It was the site of a famous victory of the Chileans in the War of the Pacific (1881-1884). The fact that San Pablo is about one thousand miles north of the present border with Chile explains how much of the rest of the war went.

Cross of Two Religions

The Cross of Two Religions is my name for this. This is not attached to any church. The base of the cross has replicas of designs from the pottery found at Kuntur Wasi.

Adobe blocks stacked up. They won't dry this way so I expect they are to be moved.

Not the main plaza, but a smaller and nicer one.

Playing with a top in the street.

The Rooster Coliseum. Cock fighting is still popular in some parts of Peru.

Those are bags of rice. People eat a lot of rice in Peru. And they buy it in bags that not even CostCo would sell.

Another store front.

A tailor had his iron cooling in the doorway.

Drying the laundry.