Hacienda Maichil

Wednesday October 25 to Saturday, October 28

The Hacienda Maichil is a small hacienda just outside the village of San Bernardino - about halfway between the towns of Chilete and San Pablo in Cajamarca department. The owner, Jose, is a retired army colonel who grew up on a nearby small farm. He bought the hacienda in 1998 from the family that had owned it for several generations. The main crop is mangos - there are over three thousand trees. There are other fruits planted for the family to eat.

Jose and his daughter Lorena were excellant hosts. I've visited numerous places in Latin America in the past 35 years. My time at the Hacienda Maichil was truly one of the best experiences I have had.

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The Complex

Looking at the three two story bungalows.

This is the old hacienda administration building. The kitchen is at the far end. A family of workers also lives in one section. The swimming pool is naturally filled with water from a stream that has been channeled to it through the little waterfall in the center. The water is cold!

The terrace of the main administration building. This is where we ate sometimes.

Some views from the terrace.

My Room

I had the top floor of this building.

The bedroom is simple and rustic with a wooden floor.

The balcony in back overlooked the woods.

Morning Walk

Before breakfast on Wednesday morning I went on a long walk through the grounds with Jose and Lorena.

In some places Jose had to cut back the thorn bushes with his machete.

Feeding tilapia in one of several fish ponds.


When we got back to the hacienda, Jose picked some grapefruit.

Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. Delicious!

Breakfast: hard-boiled eggs, fruit, cheese, bread, olives.

More pictures from the morning walk.

Family Time

That afternoon more family members showed up from Lima and from Bagua. There was Jose's wife, her sister, her two brothers, her mother, and her mother's sister. Lorena is the one standing. They were very hospitable and invited me to join them for meals. I reciprocated by buying a bottle of the best quality rum I could find on Friday night.

Jose made a very delicious estofado for lunch on Thursday.


Natural lawn mower.

Very old plow.

These rails were salvaged from an old mine railroad in the valley below. This was a branch of the Pacasmayo railroad. It was closed in 1970.

Harvesting Platanos

Platanos (plantains) are cooking bananas. When they are ready for harvest you cut down the plant. Jose chopped this one down with his machete. It's coming down.


There were a lot of colorful birds and hummingbirds in the early evening and morning. These are the only ones I managed to get a picture of.

More views.