Wednesday, October 11 to Monday, October 16

I flew into Peru's capital city on Wednesday night. It's a large city and I didn't take too many pictures while there.

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The Plaza de Armas

The Plaza San Martin

Mateo Salado Ruins

These pre-Incan ruins were just about three blocks from the AirBnB apartment that I stayed at. In Peru pre-Historic ruins are literally everywhere.

The Larco Museum

The Larco is considered one of the finest archaeological museums in the world. It is not huge - two hours is plenty of time. But the collection is astounding and professionally displayed with explanatory text in eight languages. Rafael Larco was a descendent of one of the wealthy sugar-growing families of the Chicama Valley. Everything here is Peruvian, with an emphasis on cultures of northern Peru. The museum is especially known for its collection of Moche pottery . . . and the Moches were known for their erotic pottery. I won't include any of my photos of that here, but feel free to Google "Moche erotic pottery" (but maybe not if you are at work).

Visitors are also welcome to wander through the storeroom. There are dozens of shelving units filled with ancient pottery in what appears to be flawless condition and categorized by theme. There is enough here to fill one thousand more Larco museums.

Nothing ancient here ... just the entrances to the restrooms. But look close. I saw one American man walk into the wrong one and then quickly back out again.

Road to Trujillo

It took over 1 1/2 hours for the bus to get out of the Lima urban area. Finally, 500 kilometers (300 miles) to Trujillo.

The most beautiful part of the trip was a short stretch north of Lima where the road runs between high sand-covered hills on one side and steep drops to the ocean on the other side. The PanAmerican Highway loops inland around this area but the buses take this shortcut.

A typical stretch of the Panamerican Highway through the coastal desert.

Shanty-town along the highway north of Lima

Building pre-fabricated wooden houses for the desert

Along the road there were places like this with small groups of houses. But no services of any kind.